As the name suggests, Dark Horse do live up to the role of the unexpected winner.
For every new moment of music making, they’re not putting their faith in individual achievements, but rather in  the process of the collective mind. Letting things take it’s time, while they are painting the room with music.
Always hard to anticipate the musical turn out, but there’s a good chance that Dark Horse will come out winning. 
Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to experience them live!

John Holmström – Piano, Harmonium
Alfred Lorinius – Double Bass
Mårten Magnefors – Drums, Percussion

Dark Horse was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2012. The first few months together they were searching for a natural way to express themselves, while playing all kinds of music on the way.
After a couple of concerts it all became clear to them, making music out of the absolute present moment was the way to go.
Early in 2015 they released their debut album Dark Horse on ZEN Recordings and toured both Sweden and Europe to promote it. Go to MEDIA for more info about the album.

Reviews on the debut album:


“I was allergic to piano trios for a while, but Dark Horse manage to change my view, they kind of gores themselves out of chaos, searching for openings and exists in a context comfortably far away from mainstream and regular old post bop.”  
-PM Jönsson, Göteborgsposten


“Dark Horse sounds like a soundtrack to a monochrome Auteur-movie from the 60s, where unpleasant and unexplainable things goes on. (…) It’s impressive to see that it’s possible to improvise something so seemingly chaotic, that at the same time creates such a stringently whole.”
-Nils Palmeby, Gefle Dagblad

“Dark Horse has a sound of its own. (…) succeed to balance between free-form, almost chaotic interplay and disciplined development of very different cinematic soundscapes, full of detail, tension, surprise and color”
-Eyal Hareuveni. Salt Peanuts

“The notes fall without restraint from John Holmström’s piano while Alfred Lorinius picks notes from high up on and far below his bass. Mårten Magnefors invites us on a bumpy sightseeing across his drum kit (…) Dark Horse fires away spontaneously composed music where gravity and linear storytelling are not the main priority.”

-Lira Music Magazine.

“The expression is intense but restrained. The emphasis is not on energetic outbursts but rather in a deep presence and concentration.”
-Tobias Magnusson, Fria Tidningar

Photo by Fotografia muzyczna – Crocslide